The Secret Behind Choosing the Best Corded Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, you have the option of choosing between corded and cordless versions. While the cordless models offer greater flexibility during home or office cleaning stints, corded vacuum cleaners are known for their greater suction power. They are efficient stain removers since they feature highly powered cyclonic cleaning technology. However, getting a corded vacuum cleaner that suits your home or office cleaning needs can be a challenge if you’re not privy to some tips.


Room Size

Consider the size of the room(s) that you will clean using the machine. It follows that the bigger the room, the longer the cord ought to be. However, vacuum cleaners with longer codes are usually bigger and more costly at that.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a smaller cleaning machine for a bigger room. You can always obtain a smaller machine and request for cord change or extension. Other than this, you can use an extension cable to increase the cord’s length – especially if your home or office power sockets are not strategically positioned.

Get a corded vacuum cleaner with non-marring wheels. The wheels should have some self-cleaning technology. This enables you to use the cleaner on wet surfaces. Other than this, this you will be able to clean an array of home office surfaces fast.


vacuum cleanerTechnology Aspects

Once you have the cord issue figured out, you may want to turn your attention to tech aspects of the cleaner you’re obtaining. This is important given that it determines the price of the machine – enabling you to work out your budget in line with the home or office cleaning tendencies. Note that the vacuum cleaning technology you gear for depends on whether the machine will be used to clean low or high-traffic areas within your home or office.

High-traffic or activity areas such as walkways or a living room with a lot of kids and/or pet action call for a corded cleaner with edge cleaning bristles for immaculate dirt collection. A swivel steering that’s designed for comfort and efficiency enables you to clean longer. This is a requirement if the space you intend to clean is big and whether it requires regular cleaning.

Vacuum cleaning devices with DuoClean technology are handy if you need a vacuum cleaner with the ability to clean both carpets and wooden, tiled or concrete floors. With the additional brushrolls feature, you will be able to pull together larger particles and give the floor a polished look. This is an important feature if you’re in search of a vacuum cleaner for professional cleaning surfaces.


Durability Aspects

While most ofa vacuum cleaner’s parts are made of durable materials, some of its parts are made of materials that may require replacement from time to time. These include the ABS and the PP plastics as well as the brush bristles and other cleaning components and the Pet Multi-Tool. For this reason, you ought to ensure that the machine has quality and readily available spare parts in the market. The quality aspects can’t be underestimated in this regard, especially if you intend to get a low-maintenance corded machine that you can be proud of.…

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